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This community seems to be pretty dead these days, and my interests have shifted away from the SCA (and currently away from embroidery), so I'm trying to clean up my mental clutter, since I disappeared from DW for a couple years there. Would anyone else be interested in taking over as administrator in case the community revives in the future?
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Most people I know in the SCA spend a lot of time recreating physical things: silk flowers, clothing, weaving patterns, fighting things. I only know a few who document non-physical objects like poetry, and even fewer who document them well (at what I would call a Laurel level). I am aware that my poetry is not Laurel-level stuff, but I see no reason to have my documentation be anything less than that. Under the cut, I have posted a poem, documentation and citations. I would love another set of eyes on this doc, as I feel it could be better. Criticism and flat-out rewrites are not only accepted, but welcome.

Lay of Liam )
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I am by no means an expert on entering A&S competitions; I don't do it often for a variety of reasons (not very interested in competition, like writing really long documentation for its own sake, don't want to have to avoid getting distracted by side projects for the months it takes to prepare an entry...etc.). I've only judged once. So when I document I'm generally doing it for myself, not to what I think judges might want to see.

When I write documentation for competition, and I'm trying to be brief (not writing a research paper is HARD), I like to include the following sections:

Summary/Abstract - short description of what I made, what the thing was in period, who used it/its function in its culture.

Background A few more in-depth paragraphs about the historical item and evidence for how it was made.

Materials - list of the period materials in one column, mine in the other. Ideally they're mostly the same, but perfection is for people with bigger budgets than mine.

Process - Step-by-step "what I did" (including comments on where this deviated from period practice).

What I Learned - This is my favorite section, and I think the least universally included. I usually put a bulleted list of the things I learned in making my project, which may include things like "I learned how to make my lines even!" or "Next time I would do this differently" or "This was such a pain to make, I will never do it again, but I'm glad I had the experience."

References - Works cited.

Appendixes - If I have recipes, diagrams, or lots of supporting images, I may include them in a separate section.

I try to keep the whole thing under three pages, which I hear is still pretty long; I'm not totally convinced that you can convey everything important on an index card. But this is one of the reasons I don't compete often and prefer to enter research papers. :D

What do you like to include in your documentation? If you judge, what do you like to see in documentation? Do you think it's a problem, plus, or neutral that the SCA does not have a standard format for A&S documentation? How should judges be briefed to fairly compare different documentation formats?
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Here is an example of the types of questions I'm hoping this community will address (I actually would love input on this).

Just imagine I have citations (I have citations, but I'm more interested in how the argument flows) and actual figures in here. No actual knowledge of Mongol felt stockings required!

Mongol felt stockings )

I'm concerned about my lack of direct evidence for how 13th-14th century felt stockings were cut, but I doubt I will find any.

Given the evidence I do have, is my conclusion reasonable? Does my argument make sense and flow coherently? I'm particularly unsure about where the Liao silk boots should fit into the argument.


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